Find the Missing Letter


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Find the Missing Letter

The game is really simple and fun for everyone! just follow the instructions in this order:HOW TO PLAY:1: TOUCH ONE OF THE THREE LETTERS IN THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SCREEN.2: DRAG ONE OF LETTER OVER THE MISSING BOX AREA.3: DROP THE FINGER TO RELEASE THE LETTER IN TO THE MISSING AREA.4: IF THE LETTER IS RIGHT YOU WILL SEE A BONUS MESSAGE; OTHERWISE YOU WILL SEE AN ERROR MESSAGE.Anyway You can’t lose because it’s just a simple kids letter game; also when play you can learn the correct name of the objects and the alphabet letters.Key Features:- Over 60 objects- High Resolution Images.- Super cute graphics.- Amazing sound effects.- Really funmusic.- Kid’s quite game.- Just one touch to play.- Really easy gameplay.Enjoy this game is really suitable for all kids and toddlers.


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